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Someone besides me posted for once! Awesome. Alright. Now the rest of you need to start.  Just introduce yourself!

We also have a logo but it isn't finished yet.

mostly because I can't color stuff to save my life.

If anyone wants to go ahead and colour that for me, great. That would be amazing.

I have a couple places in mind around my area for where this could be done, but I need suggestions. If you don't live around where I do and you want to hold another branch, start looking for places that you could pull this off.

I made an itemized list of things that we would need, and how we can acquire them.


        - Cardboard
               - Ask for donations for food suppliers and others. They might be able to give you old boxes.
               - Home Depot/Lowe's/etc
         - Paints
               - Ask for donations from art stores
               - Ask for donations from Home Depot/Lowe's/etc.
Merchandise (t-shirts, hats, hoodies, etc.)
               - Cafepress
               - Donated from someplace? Discounted?
               - Donated w/ advertising (i.e. a company gets the items made but puts their name on it)
Food/Refreshments (make sure vegan options are available)
               - Donated/brought by event leaders?
               - Ask people if they'd like to come and sell, with a booth
         - Raffle/Chinese Auction
               - Prizes donated/bought
         - Games/Contests (make sure they can be for all ages, little kids might be there too)
               - Hula-hoop contest
               - Water relay race
               - Jumprope contest
               - Jellybean guessing, or something?
         - Music
               - Ask local bands

Of course there's more, that's just what I've thought of at the moment.
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Wow, sounds like you have alot planned out, it sounds really good so far.

For location, maybe you could use like your school football field, or maybe have it at a local park or something? Or, if you're asking companies for donations, perhaps some place like Lowes or Home Depot would let you host it in their parking lot? It could be good advertsing for them, it would get people to come out to their store, and it would make them look good in the public eye for being concerned about world affairs.

For merchandise, I'm not sure how many people would actually buy it. =/ Once you get them made I'll definately be buying some, but people who just come by that want to help and donate but aren't necesarily overly dedicated to the cause might not care enough to buy something like that. So I guess i'm just saying, you probably don't want to get too many made in advance or you'll probably end up losing some money. Perhaps you could get a design made up and have a few samples so people can see them, but then have them pre-order them and you can get them made afterwords and ship them.

You probably want to get alot of advertising too, if possible. Maybe make some signs and ask local businesses to put them up, get your school to make announcements about it, and maybe even ask a local radio or tv station if they'll announce it. I know the fox station here has ads for non-profit organizations alot, and i don't think they charge for them.

Hopefully some of these ideas were helpful. I'll try my best to contribute from far away.
Okay, this might seem like a dumb question, but I'm just wondering, once you raise all this money, how do you get it to the people in Darfur?