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Hey, guys. Update!

Hey guys. Today I realized, with Ruli's help, that this shouldn't be just a national thing. Why not make it global?

And hell, why are we focusing on just Darfur? Uganda is in crisis too.

So then I got to thinking about what we were going to do. How do we make this work? How do we get people to band together, worldwide?

I took some ideas from Relay for Life, some ideas from the Displace Me project, and my own ideas and I put them together.

How do we piece together lives crushed by genocide?

What I figured we could do was find a massive piece of land-- a highschool football field, even. People can come and to join the event, you donate food, money, water, or simple medical supplies; bandages, etc. Then, I've designed a couple t-shirts that you can buy to donate more money-- maybe we could also get bracelets or hats.

So what would we be doing, there? Well, upon joining the event everyone gets a piece of cardboard. Two feet by two feet, that's it. I'm going to see if we can get cardboard and paints donated. Each person is going to paint something that relates to the crisis on their piece of cardboard. Anything, as long as it relates.

You'll have all night-- I stole this bit from the Relay for Life, but it's going to run probably from like 7 pm to 7 am.

When you finish your piece, you can start putting them together-- to create a huge picture, a collage, to represent rebuilding lives. They'll be put together by sunrise.

So, lem'me know what you guys think. Also, spread the word of this. Tell people you know and other people with LJs.
Tags: crisis, darfur, genocide, help, invisible children, janjaweed, puzzle, relay for life, sudan, uganda, war
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Awesome idea, dude.
I'll start telling people 'bout it.